FlashMober: social network for startup and execution of flash mobs

FlashMober for Android The format of a bright social and entertainment is actively developing and participating in the most unusual and interesting flash mobs become millions of people. To join one of them, or to run your own viral advertising or challenge now everyone can.

FlashMober service, which you can use to create and execute flash mobs and challenges. The app gives the user the ability to join jobs, involving hundreds of thousands participants worldwide.


FlashMober designed for those who are tired of the routine and the ordinary, from the monotony of social feeds and wants to experience life’s emotions. You can become a participant of the flash mob already running, or create your challenge, which may soon join the millions of other users.

How does it work?

Creating a flash mob, you can publish it in the app and via other popular social networks. Funny picture, funny joke, demotivators to share with friends and other users with positive emotions and good mood is now a breeze. Photo or video uploaded to the log of the flash mob, plays the role of the report on implementation of the task.

The execution log of the flash mob is one of the main chip applications. It contains detailed information about the flashmob:

  • the total number of participants who joined the flashmob;
  • how many users are supported for a challenge or a flash mob;
  • the total number of likes obtained by all who joined the mission users.
  • The log allows us to trace the history of all flash mobs, which were attended by the user.

At any time you can get all the info on the flash mob or challenge: when and where is it held, did it somebody from friends. You can add any of the flash mob to your favorites to follow its development.


Want to challenge or the flash mob was joined by friends, family, followers and complete strangers – you can assign a task to any user. He will be notified about this message.

Other features of the application

Because FlashMober is, above all, entertaining social network, it is possible to implement a subscription and add friends. Reports tasks you can comment and add smileys. Pleased with the presence of hashtags, allowing you to quickly filter the entries to find the desired flash mobs. Using geolocation, you can see whether the next flash mob somewhere nearby.

FlashMober app that will appeal to avid social network users and will help them to become bored from observers to active participants the most interesting and exciting flash mobs.