A review of Pushbullet for Android: instant syncing of notifications between devices

Pushbullet Program Pushbullet will be primarily useful to those who, in addition to the smartphone based on the Android OS, have a PC or laptop with Windows or Mac OS.

The main function of this program is to transfer the alerts received on a mobile phone. For example, to the user, immersed in the work on the computer (on the annual financial report, the search for elusive bugs, etc.) misses an important alert on your smartphone (for example, that the meeting tomorrow is postponed to tomorrow, or that in the garden ripe strawberry).

For those cases where alert not all applications are equally important, Pushbullet filters are available applications, alerts, which are broadcast to other devices.

On the computer, obviously, must be installed on the client program. There are also versions in the form of extensions for most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera – they work while running the appropriate browser, and stop when it closes. Which is handy if you want to arrange a “quiet time” and work on an important project.

Also in this program have the opportunity to send messages to other users – your friends. And they obviously will instantly appear on the recipient’s device. Or, you can subscribe to the news channel and get instant notifications when it becomes known, for example, on the absorption of the company “Google” of some other company.

It is still possible to access files of one device with others that can be handy in an emergency. But of course, you must first enable this feature in application settings.

Programmers, of course, like the ability to send on an instant message. For example, when a long script is shutdown or if the server is out of space (and there was a program looking for him, which is good).

Linux users it is enough to install the program curl and run the command:

“curl —header ‘Access-Token: …’ —header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ —data-binary ‘{“body”:”text”,”title”:”header”,”type”:”note”}’ —request POST https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/pushes”

There are other more famous counterparts, but they have the ability to send instant notifications always is a paid feature. That, of course, upsets many.

Pushbullet also has a paid version, in addition to increasing limits on file transfers and the removal of restrictions on the number of SMS sent, there is a convenient feature “universal copy and paste”, when the text copied to the clipboard on one device you can insert into a text field on another (e.g. on the phone).