Top 5 best video editing apps on Android

The video editing software Android I love to shoot video on your smartphone? Still, after all modern gadgets allow you to create incredible quality videos.

In this article, we have highlighted 5 of the best programs for video editing on Android.


Quite a handy video editor with good functionality. The program can crop, merge video, add audio tracks, capture footage, organize the text to create a slideshow, rotate the video image. The created video can be converted to any convenient format. You can also change its resolution.

In addition, a video file you can convert to the audio format. Over all files, you can perform standard manipulations in the form of renaming, deleting or sorting. In addition, the program has the option “share” which will help you to add your creation to the social network. The advantages of AndroVid also include a large number of different effects.


The program can boast its own licensed music library, which you can use to create their masterpieces. It is also worth noting that the app interacts well with popular social networks (in this case it goes about importing and exporting video). In addition, the program can adjust video format for specific purposes, changing the aspect ratio.

The main functions of the application include: cropping, combining, adding or removing audio tracks, slow, fast and reverse playback, rotate video. The program includes a variety of templates, effects and themes for your projects, including various transitions. Also supports the adding of headers and texts. It is noteworthy that FilmoraGo has its own store where you can purchase many excellent tools for creating videos.


Another great program for video editing. The application has two modes of operation – with an assistant and without. When you work independently you personally set up all the required parameters. But with the assistant it’s much easier – the program automatically sets the required sequence of actions (assigns a name to the project, select the files you need to create a video, choose a suitable background and music). Simply put, teaching assistant simplifies your life, shouldering all the work on your virtual shoulders.

Created a video you can save to your device or share it in social networks. It is worth noting that the free version of the application all videos are stored with watermarks, as well as missing some of the music and visual effects.


Very simple video editor with which to understand even for an inexperienced user. Note that the application requires login account in Facebook. The program’s interface has some similarities with Instagram. In Magisto, you can comment on other people’s videos, to celebrate the works of huskies and add your videos.

To begin creating your own movie should click on the ” + ” in the lower corner of the screen. Keep in mind that you can use as a stored on your device files and files from Google cloud storage (the free version of the program is available not more than 10 files). Then you need to decide on the style of installation, select the background music, to designate the title and length of the movie.

Overall, Magisto is the perfect solution for the production of short greetings, presentations, etc.


Excellent video editor for your Android smartphone. The program supports personalization of video files and all sorts of options for shooting. It is also possible to download additional materials to improve the quality of the video. Created a project you can share with friends.

This application allows you to change the already captured on smartphone video, record video directly from the program, create a slideshow from existing photos. However, remember that when shooting video with VivaVideo, its quality is very far from ideal. Therefore, the best solution would be to edit the video files previously captured on a smartphone.

After adding a video editor, with it you can do all sorts of manipulation (rotate, crop, to make a square, apply effects, etc.). All your work is stored in the “Studio”.

The free version has one serious limitation – the duration of the created clips cannot exceed 5 minutes. Therefore, if you intend to work with VivaVideo seriously, do not stint on the purchase of its full version.

If you’ve always wanted to create movies, the video editing software for Android will help you to satisfy your desire. Choose one of the above apps and start to practice. Remember that art is not urgent.