We found 11 ways to accelerate the smartphone and increase its battery life

10 tricks to speed up Android and extend it’s working time

So, you bought a brand new smartphone that pleases you and looks and the fact that there fresh, relevant version of Android with all imaginable features and bells and whistles. And it’s so fast compared to your previous smartphone! The system works smoothly, applications are installed quickly, space is full, it literally flies! And no need to charge twice a day, the battery is simply inexhaustible. But after a couple months, you begin to notice that something was wrong. And like even it is not a habit, but the overall impression that the smartphone started to work less on a single charge, and the smoothness went somewhere. What to do?

Actually, there are some ways and tricks which you can perform to regain the joy of using the device.

Use Google Files Go and arrange cleaning

Surely you know about Google Files Go? We wrote about it – the official app from Google that helps you to understand what is the free space on your device where bred duplicate files, which applications you have not used, but they eat as operational and internal memory, but still stretched his cache on the drives.

Especially useful this tool will be those who have a budget device and the problem of insufficient memory occurs regularly and is acute.

Remove the unused and preinstalled (bloatware) apps

Many applications even if you do not use them, and these are usually pre-installed branded application from the vendor, mobile operator or other partners, first, take up space on the memory card or internal memory of the device. Secondly, can run in the background and consume RAM, traffic, and periodically load the CPU and reduce battery life. Because you should not be taken by, sit down, run around the set in your smartphone software and calculate those who are you don’t need. In this way, will help the application Uninstaller.

Use the Lite versions of the apps

In the last couple of years, there is a good trend at Google and some other major developers to produce lightweight versions of applications. Full for powerful devices, and for state employees it is possible to put something more simple, a little less beautiful, but less demanding of the phone. Often, these apps are more convenient, since the full versions are always too many features that are in demand, but not all.

Yes, and then, and often the traffic they use more sparing mode.

Examples of such applications: Facebook Lite, Go YouTube, Twitter Lite, Google Go, etc.

Check out the updates

Yes, obvious advice, but worth a look whether you have the latest firmware, applications and any proprietary software you have installed. This is especially important in the case of system. Google and vendors have long understood that we must not only implement new features but also work on optimizing the system’s code in order to achieve the necessary smoothness of operation. In addition, more bugs will be closed, which can exploit the criminals or potentially dangerous. Of course, on the optimization of the battery usage also work. That is why we all love the updates and waiting when they arrive.

Some vendors follow the suggestion by Google on the distribution of security patches for the system on a monthly basis. Don’t miss a moment.

Place your order on the desktop

Here we should pay attention to two points: animated Wallpapers and different widgets. It is necessary to collect will in a fist and in the case of brakes systems to abandon those that you use less often.

Live Wallpaper – is a thing that can quite effectively look and delight you every time. But for this joy you pay RAM, space on the memory card, sometimes the traffic and, of course, the speed of the OS and battery life.

Likewise with widgets, although they are typically less resource-intensive. But winning everywhere resources little by little, you can significantly speed up the system.

This trick that a few months after purchase on your device settles a huge number of applications and services, each of which takes part of the capacity of your gadget. Because it turns out that android works not so fast and long, like just out of the box.

If you don’t want to part with animated Wallpaper, the guys from AndroidCentral recommend paying attention to light things, for example, Google Wallpapers or Minima.

Try another launcher

If you do not have stock Android, and is on top of it some kind of launcher from the vendor, or downloaded by you or branded Play store, it in any case further burden on the system, as it requires a certain amount of resources to work with. They are all the same as in the paragraphs above, again, we will not list.

It is logical that changing the launcher can affect your user experience. If you will choose something more lightweight, but not inferior in functionality, or having fewer opportunities, but satisfies you. Because admit it, you’re not each chip launcher your using? It has many settings that you may not need.

Vendors, by the way, apparently, also felt the problem, starting to refuse custom solutions. For example, Motorola offers you the launcher, which is very close to stock, HTC reduced the number of its interventions into the system, Sony has significantly changed in the direction of simplification, even Samsung and LG are moving in this direction.

Although there are exceptions, such as, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc. But some of the shell properly optimized so that they can not be changed. In short, try, check.

Deal with background processes

They directly affect the performance and life of your smartphone battery. if you have already deleted unnecessary apps, it is likely that most of the unnecessary processes have already arrived. However, you can still get into the settings of your smartphone to access all installed and running apps and stop the ones you don’t need in the background. For example, a media player may be hanging in memory, but you only need it at the moment of playing music. This process can be stopped manually. System and unknown to you it is better not to touch since it is possible to break the stable operation of the OS.

Also available in power settings, let’s see what drains your battery. Thus, you can easily find the most power hungry applications.

Disable unnecessary sensors and display capabilities

If you give up the possibility of automatic adjustment of brightness under the environment or disable auto screen rotation, again, slightly unload the processor and the battery.

The various pieces of the screen in the form of constantly active regions is included too, you can deactivate if you feel that you don’t charge enough, and the displayed information is not too critical to be always before my eyes. A trifle, but such trifles make up the overall optimization of the system.

Disable unnecessary interfaces

Yes, of course, conveniently, there is no need to go in settings and there is nothing to enable. For example, I climbed into the maps app, and it does not require activation of the GPS module, because the one you have is always enabled. Or turned on his wireless headset, and it instantly connected to the smartphone. But, again, one has to make a choice that is more important to you: convenience or lifetime of the battery. Yes, in the modern Technicals, nothing is really free.

Similarly, a module Wi-Fi and GSM in.

Do not install different SEOs battery

Most of them will not do anything useful for your device, even can cause some harm. Most will perform only a portion of the tips that we gave above, but at the same time she will sit in memory, but still easily will broadcast ads in the system, which, by the way, you need to load from the network.

In addition, such applications often disguise malware or frankly adware application that will collect information about you. The best solution here would be, the same Files Go Google or built-in vendor tools.

Disable advertising

Yes, the app additionally consumes your battery and bandwidth. This was a separate study.