Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review

May 31, 2018, the company Xiaomi unveiled the third generation of its best-selling fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 — a complete technical review

The novelty has replaced the popular among budget models the second generation smart wristband. Contrary to popular belief, according to which Mi Band 3 differs from the previous series, only change of appearance, the developers have made many innovations in the functionality of the model. The main emphasis was placed on improving the battery life (increased battery features) and improving the accuracy of measurements. However, other technical innovations allow us to conclude a confident step forward compared to the previous device.


The first thing that catches the eye when you look at the Mi Band 3 — increase compared to the previous model the screen. The display of the novelty is 0.78 inches — almost 2 times more than the second-generation bracelet. Increased screen resolution — it is 128 x 80 px, and in General, it is now made with OLED technology and is touch sensitive. So now control of the bracelet is the same as on any mobile — scroll and swipe. To help manage the intended and traditional button located below the screen and “migrated” to the new model with Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on hand

These changes have made the interface a new generation of fitness bands is much more friendly to the user. Not to mention the new official straps — in addition to the standard black buyers accessible red and blue, which will certainly appeal to the fair sex. Later third-party manufacturers must provide lanyards of all colors. The capsule still has a constant black color, although her shape and size has changed.

In connection with the increase in the size of the gadget, the device received a new battery that the previous generation of chargers will not fit the new series of the fitness bracelet. Other global changes in the appearance of the new model compared to the previous no.


Internal filling budget fitness bracelet has largely remained the same, but these were minor changes, extending the functionality of the model. Mi Band 3 may:

  • to track current time;
  • to measure the number of taken per day steps;
  • to measure heart rate, including in continuous mode;
  • to calculate distance traveled per day distance;
  • track incoming calls and messages on the smartphone and notify the user;
  • count the number of calories burned;
  • to track REM and deep sleep.
  • The overall functionality of the Mi Band 3 remained the same as that of the second-generation device. However, due to larger touch-screen track information and just to enjoy yourself bracelet has become much easier. Among the new features of gadget — stopwatch, as well as current weather and its two-day forecast.

A variety of colors and functions of the Mi Band 3

The novelty is presented in two additional colors, as well as acquired several functions

Another new feature of the bracelet allows you to manage your incoming smartphone calls. One click call you can reject. There was also the search function of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the third generation has not acquired the GPS module and the barometer, although the appearance of the first rumors. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and not a full smart service.

Good news for buyers Mi Band 3 — some embedded in the bracelet of the training programs offered depending on the recorded device readings the user.

Features third generation smart bracelet

The features of the new generation of fitness bracelet from Xiaomi include an emphasis on maximum protection of the device from external impact.

The new product is able to withstand exposure to moisture. The bracelet is protected from water and dust level IP67. These figures mean that the gadget is fully waterproof — it can dive to a depth of 50 meters since the protective glass screen can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres. However, the sauna and the bath wearing a bracelet still not recommended.

Manufacturers have focused on the protection of the gadget from adverse environmental conditions

The second feature is that the bracelet can operate in standalone mode without recharging up to 20 days, as the battery capacity compared to the previous generation was increased from 70 to 110 mAh. The indicators distinguish 3 Mi Band not only on Mi Band 2, but also from the more expensive counterparts.

However, the main innovation of who are proud representatives of the company Xiaomi is the possibility of contactless payments thanks to the embedded NFC. So now with the help of the bracelet, you can make purchases in stores. Device interface not only supports the “parent” system of Mi-Pay, but also the most common on the planet the application of this type is Google Pay and other third-party applications. However, in the basic model no built-in NFC, so the opportunity to pay for goods in a contactless manner will have to pay a little extra.