Zenify – assistant for meditation

Every person in today’s world prone to stress, panic attacks. Unfortunately, there is no way, a drug which would relieve the person from stress completely. But there are ways that can reduce the impact of negative factors tenfold. One such method is meditation.

Meditation is a mental exercise used in spiritual or healing practices. Such exercises are considered a pleasant pastime, as to the course of meditation man attains serenity of body and spirit, as well as to focus on any particular question.


Unfortunately, most people today can’t find the time to do it “rite”, but in vain, because meditation has on people is extremely favorable effect: reduced feelings of anxiety, panic, improves memory, strengthens the immune system.

There are many apps which can monitor our health, including follow up meditation sessions.

Zenify for Android is one of the best apps for people involved in meditation. It is able to raise the level of awareness, attention, will help to get rid of anxiety.

Zenify Android

The interface of this application is quite attractive: soothing colors, unobtrusive functionality. Simple, but tasteful!

Function Zenify also encouraging: every day this app sends a strange but fun jobs (10 levels for 7 tasks), and different: some with music, some with pictures, but most of the jobs text. There is a calendar that is able to capture the execution of tasks, monitor the progress, and there is an alarm clock that will remind that it is time to practice meditation.

The creators of the app promise a lot: the feeling of relaxation and peace, learn to control their emotions, thoughts and feelings, and bring more clarity, intuition, will reduce the impact of anxiety. And, frankly, the developers didn’t lie – the app really helps.

But the shortcomings of this app also have: the problem is that it is partially free — free only 1 level, the other will have to pay. Consequently, a variety of tunes, too, will have to pay. The full version costs 129,50 rubles.

Zenify review

The app is very nice, helpful, the main thing – not to be lazy, then life will change for the better, filled with positive emotions, and mental health.